Associate Members

The concept of the Associate member was formed in the early 1980’s as a result of an overwhelming desire amongst members who had graduated out of Jack and Jill to have an opportunity to give back to the organization. The National leadership and membership agreed to investigate a way to formalize and accommodate this desire. As a result, the membership category ‘Associate’ was created.

The purpose of Associate Membership is to allow tenured mothers an opportunity to continue to support our organization by supporting their local chapter and the Jack and Jill of America Foundation. This membership category strengthens our organization by addressing the unique needs of Jack and Jill by embracing the institutional knowledge and wisdom of our tenured members.

The Jackson MS Associates work toward being a positive and supportive body that aids the Mother’s Chapter in fulfilling their goals and programs by offering expertise and prior knowledge.  We will thank and honor them for their advisement and expertise on how to carry out that what is necessary to make activities and programs successful.